The Men of Worth Project

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Keighley’s Men of Worth Project researches local people who served the country in wartime. It is actively run by project directors Ian Walkden and Andy Wade.

They are currently looking to put together a bid for a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant. They will be holding an initial meeting for interested persons to get together to discuss their bid.

If you would like to join the Men of Worth Project and have a say in the plan for a grant from the HLF, please come along to this meeting in Keighley Local Studies Library on Saturday 22nd September starting at 10.00am.

Andy Wade said:

‘This is just an initial meeting to gauge interest and outline what we’d like to do with a grant, and invite opinions from anyone who may have any other ideas on what we could accomplish. We’d like to make it clear from the start that the…

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Keighley Library Music and Heritage Day – A Report

Bradford Libraries

The day was a big success with the stands from Keighley and District Local History Society, and Family History Society, Men of Worth and Keighley Schools’ Heritage and Airedale Writers Circle proving as popular as ever and garnering new interest.

There were over 700 people through the door over the course of the day. Keighley library staff organised an American style diner with costumes by Anne Watkins.

Throughout the day there was a focus on Keighley’s musical heritage. All the bands were excellent and Little Notes proved especially popular at Rhymetime with parents and children alike.

Gary Cavanagh’s talk about Keighley’s musical heritage in the 1960s and 1970s went down a treat with some original band members in the audience speaking up and everyone enjoyed the CDs he played of original recordings of Keighley bands and singers.

The Presidents had a fantastic reception and were very popular indeed with many…

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Threads of War

Threads of War

Bradford Libraries World War One Blog

A textile display of contemporary textiles inspired by the First World War will be at Bradford Local Studies Library from 4th – 29th July.

This is part of a larger open exhibition ‘Bradford and the Global War’ at Bradford Cathedral and Bradford Mechanics Institute Library running during July 2016.

The exhibition has been created by Commemorative Quilts,

Here is an extract from an article by a member of the group.

Commemorative Quilts

We are a large, informal group of textile artists; at the last count we numbered 49 but this is very fluid, people drop in and out according what else is going on in their lives.  A few have textile qualifications, some are professional artists, others belong to embroidery or quilters’ groups, but much of the work comes from people who have always sewn, knitted or stitched but never had their work exhibited before.

We set…

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Men did astonishing things at which one did not wonder till after

Great post on our WW1 Blog

Bradford Libraries World War One Blog

I hated history at school. It seemed to be nearly all battles, maps with arrows showing troop movements and then failed treaties.

To a 1960s teenager, history only went to prove that Bob Dylan was right to cry ‘how many deaths will it take till he knows, that too many people have died?’

Strange then, 50 years or so on, that I should be planning a display for Shipley’s elegantly refurbished library to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

To be honest military history still doesn’t interest me that much. I don’t get excited about tactics or weapons and the finer points of uniform insignia pass me by.

But when I started to work my way through the pages of the Shipley Times & Express from 1914-18, I was quickly hooked by the stories of people who might have been my neighbours and friends if I had…

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