Images of Bradford District

Bradford Libraries on Flickr
Come and look at our photo sets on Flickr. Feel free to register and add any comments or suggestions for photos.

Bradford Museums and Galleries Photo Library
Bradford Museums and Galleries has an extensive photographic library. This is made up of different smaller collections that tell a fascinating story of Bradford’s history. Through digitisation these images can be preserved and published online.

2 thoughts on “Images of Bradford District

  1. Hello, I am looking for a hi res image of the Saltaire Plan (Plan showing the Town and Works of Saltaire. W. and R. Mawson 1881) on your flickr site, the link
    Saltaire Plan
    for publication in the Urban Design Journal issue 138.
    Can you help with this issue or would you have a contact email for the archive?
    Thank you
    Claudia Schenk, Art Director, Urban Design magazine


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