Empsall Collection

This file lists of the contents of the Empsall Collection of Nineteenth Century Pamphlets. This collection contains some 530 pamphlets, tracts, leaflets and other printed ephemera published between 1780 and 1890 relating to Bradford and other Yorkshire towns. The pamphlets are too flimsy to be displayed on library shelves so are stored in Bradford’s Local Studies Library in the Margaret Macmillan Tower in the centre of Bradford.

Every item in the collection has been given a unique number in the form of a Box number followed by Item number, for example: Box 3–16.  This location code, in addition to brief details of author and title, will be required by library staff should you wish to see an item.

All items in the collection can be consulted in the Local Studies Library but may not be borrowed.In view of the scarcity of many of the items in the collection, people wishing to view an item will be asked to fill in a requisition form, give it to a member of staff, and show their library membership card or other evidence of their identity. Item(s) will be fetched as soon as possible, though advanced notice is appreciated.

The items are old and fragile. Please take care of them. If copies are needed of any pages, photographing is preferable to photocopying.

In addition to this website listing, a printed copy is available on public access in the Local Studies Library.

The subject matter of tracts and pamphlets can differ from that in books and newspapers. It is hoped that new knowledge and a better understanding of the region’s past will be discovered  ‘buried’ in these collections.

Bob Duckett. Library Volunteer, August 2022

Catalogue of the Empsall Collection (PDF)