Threads of War

Threads of War

Bradford Libraries World War One Blog

A textile display of contemporary textiles inspired by the First World War will be at Bradford Local Studies Library from 4th – 29th July.

This is part of a larger open exhibition ‘Bradford and the Global War’ at Bradford Cathedral and Bradford Mechanics Institute Library running during July 2016.

The exhibition has been created by Commemorative Quilts,

Here is an extract from an article by a member of the group.

Commemorative Quilts

We are a large, informal group of textile artists; at the last count we numbered 49 but this is very fluid, people drop in and out according what else is going on in their lives.  A few have textile qualifications, some are professional artists, others belong to embroidery or quilters’ groups, but much of the work comes from people who have always sewn, knitted or stitched but never had their work exhibited before.

We set…

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