JND 197/17 (Please quote this number if requesting this item)

BRADFORD CONSTABULARY FORCE. Instructions for the Bradford Constabulary Force. Bradford, J. Dale, Printer. 1848. 76 pages.

jnd 197 17 001

This weighty booklet published ‘By Order of the Watch Committee’, describe the duties of the early police force in Bradford.

After describing the duties of the various ranks of the police force from Constable, through Sergeants, Detective Officers, Superintendent to Chief Constable, further details are given of these various duties. Topics covered include:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanours
  • Riots
  • Assaults
  • Breaches of the Peace
  • Breaking open and entering Homes
  • Arresting Offenders
  • Executing Warrants
  • Removing Articles from the Pinfold
  • Opening Sewers
  • Keeping Order in the Streets
  • Affrays and Riots at Night
  • Felonies, Robberies, etc.
  • Calling for Assistance
  • Giving Evidence

The publication includes several forms and lists, including details of The Riot Act; Names of Keepers of the Keys of Fire Engines, and Sweeping of the Streets.  In the latter all 130 streets, or parts of streets in Bradford Town are listed with how often they are to be ‘swept’ (i.e. patrolled). Most are to be swept once a week, but Hall Ings, Broadstones and Well Street are three streets which are to be swept three times weekly. There is an impressive and immaculately compiled six-page index. Under ‘A’ are:

  • Abusive Language, Constable cannot Arrest for
  • Affrays
  • Arrest, How to be made
  • Assault
    Whether a Constable may Arrest for
    When a Constable cannot Arrest for
  • Assistance, Calling for

A fascinating and detailed insight into a community developing social control.


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