The Future of UK Sikhs – A Talk

On Saturday 19th March, Dr Ramindar Singh MBE gave a well-attended lecture in the Bradford Local Studies Library to mark the publication of his latest book, ‘The Future of UK Sikhs: A Bradford City Story’.



In the lecture Dr Singh presented his vision of the middle of 21st century Bradford Sikh community as a microcosm of the UK Sikhs, the focus of his book.

Following the talk Dr Singh led a discussion forum about the development of the Sikh organisations in the city, the current challenges they face and the ways to make them appropriate for the future of the community in the city. The interesting and thought provoking talk sparked much discussion and debate which continued long after the talk had finished.



Dr Singh has published books and a long list of articles on topics as diverse as economics, multicultural education, consumer affairs, race relations and local history.

His earlier publications, also available in the Local Studies Library include:

  • Punjab to Bradford: The Life Stories of Punjabi Immigrants to Bradford, 2013
  • A Journey by Choice: An Autobiography, 2011
  • Sikhs & Sikhism in Britain: Fifty Years On: The Bradford Perspective, 2000
  • Immigrants to Citizens: The Sikh Community in Bradford, 1992

There will be a further opportunity to hear the lecture at the Kala Sangam centre on 14th May 2016.

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