Being Young in Bradford: Youth Culture in the 1970s and 80s

This was the title of an exhibition on display at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery in Lister Park from May to August 2021.

People can now view stories from this exhibition in Bradford Libraries.

The show was a partnership between Bradford Council run Cartwright Hall and Being Bradford – a group of working class mavericks that have organised themselves into a sort of artistic trade union and whose primary aim is to see their authentic story told by themselves and featuring in the city of Bradford’s cultural narrative.

The 1970s was a time of great political and social unrest yet also of creativity and activism. Punk changed the world of many Bradford teenagers providing a sense of belonging and fostering an active culture of Do It Yourself.

Each of the six members of the group wrote about their experiences of growing up and others were invited to contribute their stories.

These stories will be on display in Shipley Library from Monday 27 September to Friday 15 October and in City Library from Monday 25 October to Friday 19 November.

The exhibition also prompted intergenerational conversations about being young in the city. View a number of short films on the subject on the Bradford Museums You Tube Channel.

Share your memories of growing up if you are on facebook, twitter or instagram and tag:




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