‘Peaceful Women’ visits Bradford and Keighley Local Studies Library during International Women’s Week 2019

‘Peaceful Women’ is a performance exploring local women who campaigned for peace during WW1 and following the end of WW1 and their efforts to use peaceful methods for change.

All are welcome to join Irene Lofthouse , local author, playwright, actor and historian, at Keighley Local Studies Library on Wednesday 6th March for a performance of ‘Peaceful Women’.  This is a free event, open to all. It will take place between 1.15pm and 2.45pm.

There will also be events for invited schools in Bradford and Keighley Local Studies Libraries over the course of the week.

‘Mrs Norton’ (Irene Lofthouse) retold her story as a suffragette for Bradford Local Studies Libraries during 2018. This year she will introduce ‘Peaceful Women’ characterising each person through voice and props.

Irene Lofthouse d

Irene Lofthouse as Mrs Norton

The interactive performances will raise awareness of known and hidden histories of local women and their impact locally and nationally. It will connect the local past with its present and future through an informative and entertaining piece of theatre.

Libraries will have a display of archive materials for audiences to explore hands on and ‘Mrs Norton’ will answer questions.

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