Ian Dewhirst MBE

We are very sad to hear the news that Ian Dewhirst has passed away:

‘He will be greatly missed by all those many, many people who had the delight of his company, his knowledge and enthusiasm for local history and his constant support for those of us working to collect and share the local history of Keighley and the district of Bradford.’

Maggie Pedley Libraries, Museums and Galleries Manager

‘If you are a native of Keighley you probably don’t think of a Keighley without an Ian Dewhirst. It seems somehow that he was woven into the very fabric of the town itself.

Keighley has not only lost its greatest authority on its own history but also one its most exciting and entertaining  public speakers, a dedicated custodian and protector of its heritage and a valuable source of knowledge for the local historian. He was a man generous with his time and expertise and a man with a great sense of humour.

It has been a privilege to hear him speak over the years and all us Keighlians owe him an immense debt of gratitude for what he has done for not only Keighley but also the library and its archives in his long and remarkable career.’

Rest in Peace Ian.’

Simon Rourke, Team Leader, Keighley Library

“Ian Dewhirst was a true historian and a joy and inspiration to all who had the privilege to know him. He showed us how our history is shaped by personalities who live on by virtue of what they leave behind. His legacy will live on through his wonderful life and work.”

Caroline Brown, Keighley Library 

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‘With the help of Keighley Library, I have arranged for a condolences book to be placed in the entrance of Keighley Library for anyone who wants to write a few words in remembrance  of the late great Ian Dewhirst MBE. It will then be kept in Keighley Archives as a lasting tribute to Ian.

 If you have been inspired, helped, educated or entertained by Ian Dewhirst over the years please come along to the library and share your memories of him and offer your condolences so that future generations can learn first hand from the people of Keighley what an important contribution he made to Keighley, to its history and to its people.’


Charlie Bhowmick M.B.E.

charlie 5charlie 2

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