Exhibition in Keighley Library ‘Battle of Third Ypres and Passchendaele’ by ‘Men of Worth project’

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The Third Battle of Ypres and later Passchendaele, were fought in 1917 and ran from July 31 to November 10. This was the third time this area had been fought over during the war. It would be fought over on two more occasions before the war ended.

This exhibition has details of the battles in this ‘offensive’ which was a major push to take the Passchendaele ridge where the village was before winter set in. The exhibition takes the form of 10 hanging banners on the library pillars.

One of the many panels currently on display One of the panels

Andy Wade from Men of Worth project said: ‘In this exhibition we show columns from the Keighley News of the day about local men serving in these battles and what was happening to them, interspersed with War Diary transcripts and images of the men, the battle conditions and other material we have found during our research. Please take…

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