Battle of the Somme: historical film showing in Keighley Local Studies library

Bradford Libraries World War One Blog

There will be a final opportunity to see the extraordinary and moving film ‘The Battle of the Somme’ in Keighley Local Studies library on Saturday November 19th at 10.00am before the DVD is returned to the Imperial War Museum.

The Battle of the Somme documentary was seen by millions of people across the world in 1916. At that time, film was a relatively young media. However, the government realised the power of film in controlling the war news. The film was released on 21st August 1916 by the War Office. This was a ground breaking British documentary film now accepted to be an early example of film propaganda, as well as a historical record of the battle.

On September 11th 1916, the film was first shown in Keighley. For the audience to see images of the war as it was happening, unfolding on the screen was a…

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