Harvest time and “Digging for Victory”

Harvest Festival time is upon us, as the local crops are gathered in and Churches, Chapels and many schools give thanks for the bountiful food that we enjoy today in this country. Particularly in more recent years, schools have been encouraged to teach practical food production and many schools now have their own garden plots, however, widespread and fervent participation by everyone was especially important during the years of both wars.

“Dig for Victory” or “Victory Gardens” were encouraged during both World Wars, and were vital to counteract the depletion of food supplies due to the closure of normal supply routes from abroad, as British ships increasingly came under attack.

These photographs are from a recently acquired archive collection at Keighley Library, Keighley Boys’ Grammar School, BK 609, and show pupils planting and harvesting their own produce.

Please give 24 hours’ notice to view the collection.

Dig for Victory

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