Burley Poet is Celebrated

There is currently an exhibition in Burley library featuring Alfred J Brown, 1894-1969, walker, writer, passionate Yorkshireman and Burley resident as part of the Burley Festival.

Alfred John Brown was a Bradford businessman living in Burley who began writing prose and poetry while recovering from illness during the First World War. He was one of the most popular authors of guide books to walking in the Yorkshire Dales between the 1920’s and the 1950’s. His works include ‘Tramping in Yorkshire’, ‘Striding through Yorkshire’, ‘Poems and Songs’ and ‘Broad Acres’ as well as ‘Four Boon Fellows’ about a 100 mile weekend walk one Easter weekend from Barnard Castle to Ilkley.

His headstone is inscribed with words from one of his poems Dales in Paradise: “There must be Dales in Paradise, which you and I will find.”

Another of his poems ‘Emily Bronte’s Grave’ is reproduced here.’

Emily Bronte’s Grave

She is not buried here
Beneath this tomb;
Death could not pinion her
In such small room.

This is too strait a place
For her wild blood,
Only the dust of her
Rests by this Rood.

Look for the soul of her
On the high Moor,
Where the wind wails for her
And the clouds low’r.

There where the curlews cry
List for her voice!
Cage-free and glad – at last
Hear her rejoice!

The display will be on until mid-September.

Hermit Inn

One of his favourite pubs was the Hermit at Burley Woodhead where on occasions he met J B Priestley.

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