Salvation Army Anniversary

July 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Salvation Army in the East End of London by pioneers and social justice reformers, William and Catherine Booth. As Christian Evangelicals, members demonstrate their faith by providing direct help to those who need it.

In 1905 General William Booth made a ‘great northward motor-car tour’, which included a weekend at Keighley, well documented in the local press. Photographs of the well received arrival in High Street, Keighley are in local history books. There was a civic reception at the Municipal Hall and meetings were held at the Queen’s Theatre. The General preached to a crowd of 2500 with an overflow of 1500, with 50 converts.

Today the Salvation Army is active in 126 countries. Records in Keighley Local Studies show a few of their activities and events in the local area and date back to 1913 (BK 462).

There is also a small Haworth family collection including Salvation Army certificates and photographs of the Brontë Home League, dating from the 1940s (BK 559).

Salvation Army Pamphlets

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