National Dementia Awareness Week: Memory Boxes

14th-20th May is National Dementia Awareness Week as the Alzheimer’s Society asks people to unite against dementia, to raise awareness and to offer help and understanding.

Memories, first hand recollections and experiences of people are extremely important and valuable to us all and thoughtful and engaging use of reminiscence when used well can be especially effective for those with dementia.

With this in mind we have refreshed and updated the Memory Boxes available to borrow from the Local Studies library.

The packs contain a selection of multi-sensory objects, pictures and memorabilia plus a beautifully illustrated book which reflects the topic.

We all like an occasional trip down Memory Lane and reminiscence can be great fun for everyone involved, as well as being an important activity that affirms our sense of identity.  These Memory Boxes can stimulate arts, history and memory groups. They can be used in a variety of settings including social and community groups, day centres and residential homes.

Our boxes include a book in the series of ‘Pictures to Share’ books designed for people with dementia. These books can help and encourage communication and discussion when shared with carers, provide a calming activity for the person to do alone, and promote a feeling of worth and well-being.

memory books

Pictures to Share books are based on a variety of general themes. They include a wide selection of powerful, colourful and attractive images and texts.

For more details please see our leaflet here:

Memory boxes for reminiscence

Bradford Libraries would like to thank the ‘The Memory Bank’ forum for creating the original concept and sourcing artefacts which form the basis of these collections.

Camps Libraries in WW1

International Literacy Day, 8th September 2015, should remind all readers of the importance of books and libraries of books, whether hard copy or digital, as a means of education but also of enjoyment, and escape and comfort in difficult times. This was certainly the case during WW1.

The Camps Library was THE organisation officially recognised by the War Office for the distribution of literature to British soldiers, sailors and prisoners of war. It was also the medium of distribution for the War Library which supplied the hospitals and hospital ships.

This unique archive is from Keighley Library’s own Brigg collection, BK 10/683/4/6 and also outlines the role played by the British public in helping to stock those war libraries.

Camps Library Books in war002