Unfamiliar Females: Keighley Movers & Shakers

Unfamiliar Females: Keighley Movers & Shakers

11 March

Keighley Local Studies Library – 10 – 11 am FREE

Discover the woman who owned the first ‘Dalton Mill’ and fought off intimidation; another who championed the first children’s allowance, now Family Credit; why a female councillor resigned from the Labour Party in 1947; who stood up to Lord Reith as one of the first woman members of the BBC Board; which Keighley lass wrote The Feminist Movement – way before the 1970s -and more anecdotes along the way.

Join writer/historian Irene Lofthouse as she shares stories about some of the lesser-known women of Keighley, their achievements and legacies that still resound today. Then visit the exhibition of portraits by local artist #SophiePowell.

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