The Bradford Antiquary 2020

Despite having to abandon their 2020 programme of meetings and visits due to the Coronavirus, the Bradford Historical and Antiquarian Society have been able to produce their annual journal, The Bradford Antiquary. Copies are now available in several of our libraries. 

The contents of this 81st issue are:

From Donkey-Boy to Oxford Don: the childhood of Dr Joseph Wright of Thackley
by Christine Alvin.

The Birds and the Beasts. Text of a 1830s tract on the ‘Factory Question’.

We Can Take It Again’ by Norman Alvin. On a wartime air raid

‘No food or fire – decent people’: Bradford during the first national coal strike of 1912
by Derek Barker and Jane Wheeler.

Bradford in Fiction by Astrid Hansen. Bradford through the eyes of Willie Riley, J B Priestley, John Brain, A A Dhand and others.

Some Empsall Treasures A selection of topics from the library’s collection of 19th century pamphlets ranging from Homeopathy and the Henpecked Husbands’ Club to the Disorders of Horned Cattle and Spirit Writings! A window into a Bradford long gone.

W E Forster and the 1870 Education Act by Dave Welbourne

A Shelter for the Cabmen of Bradford by Laura Bird of The National Tramway Museum

The Ancestry of the Phoenix Dynamo Company, Thornbury by Gina Bridgeland

Rural Tanners in late 16th and 17th century Bradford by G D Newton

Book Reviews

Society News

Going back to 1882, The Bradford Antiquary provides an unrivalled history of Bradford, Keighley and the West Riding. The Editor, David Pendleton, is always pleased to receive ideas for, and submissions of, possible articles (

Further Information about the Society can be found on the society’s website:

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