Top 20 Issuing Local Studies Books March 2015

Here are the top 20 books issued by our Local Studies Library for March 2015.  Yes you can borrow books too….

Position Author Title
1 Hadfield, Charles, 1909- The canals of Yorkshire and North East England
2 Firth, Gary Bingley : past & present / Gary Firth
3 Liddington, Jill, 1946- Female fortune : land, gender and authority : the Anne Lister diaries
4 Malik, Kenan, 1960- From fatwa to jihad : the Rushdie affair and its legacy
5 Mowbray, M.J Route 66 : A journey around the football grounds of Yorkshire
6 Redmonds, George, 1935- Surnames, DNA, and family history
7 Bennett, Eddie Weight for it : A Life of Lifting
8 Birdsall, Michael Illustrated history of Bradford’s suburbs
9 Briggs, David A pair of Wharfedales : the story of Gilbert Briggs and his loudspeakers
10 CUDWORTH, William Rambles round Horton : historical, topographical, and descriptive 1886
11 CUDWORTH, William Round about Bradford : a series of sketches of 42 places within 6 miles of Bradford
12 CUDWORTH, William Round about Bradford Vol. 2
13 Castle, William B. Ron Creasey : The last of the horselads
14 DELIUS, Clare Frederick Delius:memories of my brother
15 Davis, Mark Voices from the asylum : West Riding pauper lunatic asylum
16 Duckett, R. J. (Robert John), 1942- Bradford : history and guide
18 Fieldhouse, Joseph Bradford
19 Firth, Paul Four minutes to hell : the story of the Bradford City fire
20 GEOLOGICAL SURVEY AND MUSEUM Geology of Yorkshire coalfield

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